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Short Plays & One-Acts - View More Work Here




An Anatomy of Dysfunction

 2F, 1M. 10-15 min. A couple struggles with the aftermath of a domestic violence situation, all the while leaving their daughter with the proverbial bag. 


So This Is Paradise

1F, 3M. 20-25 min. A retail management veteran trains her replacement, confronts a crazed regular, and gets the last word with her power happy boss. A comedy for anyone who's ever cashiered. 


Love, Me

1F/M. Monologue. 10-15 min. A rebellious young person unpacks their relationship with their famous and controversial father.

Full Length Scripts: Available to View on NPX 


4M, 3F. Three estranged siblings attempt to reconnect and overcome the specter of addiction, in all its forms, be it glitz, glamour or grit.


You Never Said Anything

1M, 2F. A brother and sister co-run a family restaurant, until the brother shows up with a surprise fiancée.

What Am I (Or, The Lost Souls Of Philip Island)

4F, 2M, 1YF. A college student heads off on an study abroad trip to overcome (or not) the looming threat of a person and a fixation with their actions that started years prior with an incident in the same location.


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