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Classes & Courses

I currently offer a selection of 12-week theatre and writing (and theatrical writing!) courses, meant for high school, college, and lifelong learners who are looking for a low-stakes introduction to these fields and all they have to offer. Classes are workshop or discussion based, meet for 2 hrs at a time (24 instructional hours per class) and I generally aim for 6-16 students per class to allow for diversity of opinions in the conversation, as well as personalized attention for each student. 

All classes are taught through Zoom until at least May 30, 2021, due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

You can enroll in 2021 classes here or by emailing me directly.  Enroll directly with me and the price is $170 per student.

I offer discounts to groups of 10+, as well as to school districts!  Email me to discuss rates!

I also offer some of these classes through OutSchool (including a couple exclusive ongoing club courses). You can sign up for those here. 12-week courses are $240 on OutSchool, and the exclusive ongoing classes are $10-$15 a week per learner - come every week, or just once! It's up to you. OutSchool classes are ages 13-18 only.     


Course Catalog 

An Introduction to Libretto Writing: Book & Lyrics For Musical Theatre

In this 12-week class, students will learn the basics of book & lyric writing for musical theatre. Topics covered will include, but are not limited to: form, content, rhyme scheme ('perfect' rhyme), working with composers/collaboration, lyric in the context of musical book, pitching your new musical, and pursing a professional career as a musical theatre librettist/lyricist. Some prior experience with playwriting is preferred, but by no means required. This is a discussion & workshop class, with required assignments (a scene & song) due most weeks. The class culminates in the presentation of a libretto for a one-act musical.

An Introduction to Musical Theatre History & How To Make It In The Industry Today

In this 12-week class, students will learn the nuts & bolts of how modern day American musical theatre came to be, as well as how to work in the modern theatrical world. Topics covered will include, but are not limited to: the beginnings of the integrated book musical form, defining broadway, commercial vs nonprofit theatre, the development process of a musical, the roles in front of and behind the stage, pitching your new musical, musical theatre education, and pursing a professional career in musical theatre. No prior experience is needed for this open-discussion style class.

Structures Of Musical Theatre

In this 12-week class, students will examine musical theatre to get down to the nitty-gritty of how it’s built – gaining ideas about musical motif, character development, and plot arc, to name a few. They will leave better equipped to perform, direct, write, and otherwise create the next generation of musical theatre. A BroadwayHD subscription is highly recommended (Netflix suggested but not required.) In each class, we will read/listen to a successful musical, stopping along the way to discuss what makes each show successful.

The Art Of The Critique: Arts Criticism & Reporting For Non-Journalists

In this 12-week class, students will learn how to write reviews, notebook-style content, and conduct interviews in search of ways to create content that contributes and critiques the current cultural discourse. Areas covered will include plays, musicals, opera, dance, gallery art, film, television, literature, and more. 

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